Running an Older Version of Home Assistant OS (both Core and Supervisor)

Good morning, for educational purposes, I need to run a version of Home Assistant OS prior to 2023.3.0 (both Core and Supervisor!). Is this possible?

I tried installing an older version of the Supervisor by downloading the .vdi from GitHub (I disabled Supervisor’s auto-update with the command: ha supervisor options --auto-update=false), but on the first boot, Core automatically updates back to 2024. If I disconnect the internet, it won’t start.

Thank you!


I did it, and it works, but only for supervisor. The Core updates on first start-up.
I need both to old version.

You can restore the old core

ha core update --version 2023.3.0 

Yes, I tried, but this option is not allowed unitl I don’t update the supervisor…

I’d like to disable the autoupdate of Core but it seems not possible

This it the problem, but I need supervisor with this version

I solved repleacing the docker container of Core with an old version. But when I start I can’t see the supervisor!

The observer says Supervisor is connected!