S7 Mop control

I am wondering if I am asking for something that is already available as according to the internet every man and his dog has a roborock S7, at least they do on youtube.

So I have integrated my Roborock S7 into home assistant using the xiaomi_miio integration and some various lovelace cards in the dash. What I have found is with every vacumm setting from home assistant the retractable mop is always down. So this feature request is to ask if the integration can be add/extended to present like fan speed a mop service/state for the roborock S7. For example in the Mi Home app you can set “scrub intensity” as Close (retracted), Mild, Moderate or INTENSE!!! These settings refer to how much movement the mop attachment performs.

There is also a map route option that you can set between standard and deep this option is greyed out of the scrub intensity is set to Close so I guess this is also a mop specific feature.

I would really love to be able to control the mopping with Roborock S7.

What I like to do with this robot, is letting it first vacuum the entire house at full power with no mopping, then let it charge a bit, and then sending it again to the entire house now with intense mopping only.
This way I get powerful vacuum and then effective mopping. It takes longer, but I do it when I’m not at home anyway.

I can’t do it entirely from Home Assistant because I can’t control if it mops or not, nor the power of mopping level.

I totally agree to above request :grinning:
We really need this moppings features with scrub intensity and deep cleaning.
I’m not a coding nerd, but have some basic understanding. Can I help in any way, I would love to.

Also very interested to change this setting.

Unfortunately, it’s not even integrated in python-miio :frowning:

Not sure what is required to have control of the mop features for this vacuum, but it does seem to be integrated into python-miio ?

Mop mode; Add features for newer vacuums (eg Roborock S7) by fettlaus · Pull Request #1039 · rytilahti/python-miio · GitHub & Add features for newer vacuums (eg Roborock S7) by fettlaus · Pull Request #1039 · rytilahti/python-miio · GitHub

not really. Just the “normal” or “deep” mopping mode added, but you can’t disable it for example, or set all other modes like in the xiaomi home app

That would actually be very useful to be able to control. If you could select deep mopping, it also disables vacuuming.