Sagemcom router support

My integration will only work when you have the same internal API available. Could you have a look in the network tab in your browser console? You should see the requests there, if they make any a XHR requests.

I checked the network tab, there are many XHR requests but I don’t know which information you need.


My router [email protected] 5655V2 is supported and I was able to comple integration, creating devices and entities.
But entities do not get updated (home/unavailable) if I disconnect from wifi. It is only working if restarting HA or reloading integration.
Please is there any way to get it working?
Thanks a lot!

Hi David! The integration is currently very basic / not fully working unfortunately. I haven’t had time to work on this integration lately, since I spent most of my spare time on refactoring the Somfy TaHoma integration.

Maybe next weekend I will have some time, let me have a look… If someone would like to team up, please let me know.