Samsung AC Support, help needed

After some time I gave another try to connect to my Samsung Smart Air Conditioners, in order to use them with home-assistant like the other devices.
Those devices are a little mess and not very good supported from any other project, but after some research I’ve been able to connect to them using openssl s_client.
There is a feature request here:

where I posted my findings.
Now is there someone that is working on those devices? I don’t have much knowledge of python to write a component, so every help is accepted :smiley:

hi,guy,how did you use s_client. connect your Samsung AC?

in the above post there is a link to a thread in feature request where I’ve put all my findings, but basically the solution was to use a different cipher
openssl s_client -connect <AC IP ADDRESS>:2878 -cipher 'HIGH:!DH:!aNULL'

thx!i will try it!

Any updates?

Without any progress,My device is Kelon powered by aliyunos, it uses the cloud MQTT server, I can not control the device in the LAN.

Didn’t have time to work again on this,
When I have time I want to check in the climate class to see if this can be integrated using that module

I would love to have Home Assistant supporting samsung smart air conditioning! i have four of those at home, but samsung app to control it is just terrible, too slow and always loosing credentials. it’s just a pain to use it.

and i think samsung uses two platforms for their smart ac’s! one of those platform is compatible with smartthings, but only a few ac’s are compatible:

the other platform is:

Keen here too, Got samsung ducted air with the wifi module addon

uses and the app is terrible and slow! would love to get this running

there is a new homebridge script that seems to work with samsung smart air conditioning!

anyone knows how to port it?


Just to avoid cross posting everything, I’m going to work on integrating my two units, as I mentioned in this other thread.

meanwhile i started using the some broadlink mini ir blasters to control the ac units! but if you manage to make the plugin! i will prefer that way! thanks freman

Good news, fosi.

I have it working on one AC, I have discovery working, I just have to marry the too and add the registration feature :smiley:

It’s just a matter of working around work and life in general

Hi Freman,
i’m interested too on this addon. Let me know if i can help testing.
thank you Freman!

Sorry I’ve been so terrible at keeping ya’ll up to date, work is hell and isn’t about to get any better. I hope to find some time over the weekends when I’m not working.

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Hi Freman,
I would also like to see this addon work. Let me know if I can help testing.
If you are out of time, can you send us/publish what you have and maybe we can finish it off?

+1 would love to have my Samsung AC integrated

I’m also waiting this thread.

I hace a Samsung ducted AC with the MIM-H02 box.

With Homebridge it works with HTTP with this:


if [ “$4” == “true” ]; then
# encender
(sleep 5.0;echo -e “<Request Type=“AuthToken”><User Token=“xxx”/></Request>\r”;sleep 5.0;echo -e "<Request Type=“DeviceControl”><Control CommandID=“xxx” DUID=“xxx”><Attr $

if [ “$4” == “false” ]; then
# apagar
(sleep 5.0;echo -e “<Request Type=“AuthToken”><User Token=“xxx”/></Request>\r”;sleep 5.0;echo -e "<Request Type=“DeviceControl”><Control CommandID=“xxx” DUID=“xxx”><Attr $

if [ “$1” == “Get” ]; then
# leer estado
(sleep 5.0;echo -e “<Request Type=“AuthToken”><User Token=“xxx”/></Request>\r”;sleep 5.0;echo -e “<Request Type=“DeviceState” DUID=“xxx”>\r\n”;sleep 1.0)| openssl s_cl$

I want to work the AC with Homekit (Port 2878)

does it works well with homebridge? no lag?

No more lag than the original Samsung Smart Appliance app.

But It’snt the best way to talk with the MIM-H2; one or two types I’ve had to wait until it responds again; like the MIM-H02 CPU is at 100% getting my orders :stuck_out_tongue: