Samsung Gear S2/S3 Home Assistant UI now available in the app store!

The Home Assistant UI for the samsung gear s2/s3 smart watches has officially landed in the app store! It has been tested only for the s2 and s3 watches. Currently it supports lights, switches, scripts, groups, and covers. You can find it by searching HomeAssistant in the app store. Enjoy!

Source code is available here:


Installation instructions

  1. Find the app in the app store by searching for HomeAssistant and install it.

I am going to apologize in advance for the setup screen. These devices really weren’t meant to take this type of user input. But its only two boxes and its a one time thing, so for now it will be like this.
To actually type in this box you need to have disabled auto complete. On the S3 you can do this by going to

  1. Settings > General Management > Input > Keyboard Settings > SmartTyping > Predictive Text | OFF
  2. enter your url with the protocol, port number and all. For example:
  3. Then enter your password carefully.
  4. Hit save. It should go back to the main page and you should briefly see a loading spinner. Then your list of entities should work.

If this doesn’t work make sure your url is accessible from wherever the watch is connect, check firewalls etc.


Amazing work, I’ve just installed this on my S3 and it’s working great :). Thank you!


I don’t have a smart watch…yet… but this would be killer if it could handle voice commands to control the HA items. Then we could use voice (like with Google Home/Assistant) but with the convenience of doing so on your wrist!

The new version (1.0.1) works great on the S2. Thanks for working through that so quickly, and building it in the first place!

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Please release it for Android Wear too :slight_smile:


Really cool! Best home assistant gift for XMas! :wink: Thank you!

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This is awesome!

Considered making an app like this myself, but hadn’t found the time. And this is so cleanly implemented!


Thanks for the support and feedback guys. When I have the time I have a few more things id like to do:

Swipe left/right to hide stuff from the ui and always load it that way (with a reset button in the settings menu)
Lock support (either read only or with some preference to disable for security purposes)

Thanks Jerrkawz!

Works like a charm on the Gear Sport. :smile:

I don’t know what is all possible or is already on your list to do… But I would like to return you my wishlist…

Wishlist for the app:

  • Climate control (Nest) Would be nice to adjust it with the rotating bezel.
  • Nice would also if we could control Hue lights with the rotating bezel to adjust brightness.
  • Don’t know if it is possible but a settings app on the phone would be great so you keep the gear app slim and
    easy where like you said can control to hide stuff or adjust settings. cause once you filled in the url it’s kind of
    hard to change. :smile:

Does this work with DuckDNS? Also, anyone know of any videos showing the app? I’m debating the Gear Sport vs Fitbit Ionic and this could be a major advantage of the Gear.

Works fine with DuckDNS!

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Yes it actually works best with duckdns. Also here is the video that I uploaded for the samsung verification team:

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Nest support would probably be best left to the nest team/app, just because it would always work better than what i could write. Hue lights and dimmer support in general would be really nice and is on my radar. And yes we definitely need a native android app that can share credentials with the watch app. As soon as i get some free time I wanted to start working on that :slight_smile:

Jerrkawz, thank you very much for your efforts, and sorry in advance for this newb question, but what is this ‘your url’ you speak of? A pointer to a guide, or advice on where to look for url & port would be appreciated. Just looking for a starting point, will fuss with external connectivity later.

FYI - I am backing into Home Assistant install and integration with Smartthings as a direct result of finding your awesome looking app for the Gear S3.

Actually if you long press on the predictive text keypad you can directly choose the letter, number etc directly :slight_smile: So no need to change input method. Great App, thanks for that! Still waiting for Smartthings app on S3^^

is it possible to have this ported to Android Wear?

Any plans to release version for Gear S ?

did you ever get a response to this?

if not, could someone comment on what is meant by your URL?

@Jim_R Sorry for the late response. Its whatever ip address you use to access the home assistant UI in the browser. Something like this:

I don’t understand what this URL is. Please explain.