Samsung Multiroom speakers

Is there possible to add support for Samsungs Multiroom speakers? Just to get the opportunity to stop the music when you leave home would be great!

Samsung Dev : Wireless Speaker

I also have Samsung speakers where I could adjust volume but cannot turn off/on. I reached out to Samsung for any API documentation so I could forward they respond “no documentation”.

The work-around is, if you incline, to pick up the now $25 TP-Link plug (or even DIY cheapper plug) and to turn off using the plug.

well if you can implement it - I think all information can be found here: - I did look at the commands and have tested them via browser and they seem to work perfectly - just no ability to put this into code to build the required component …

hmmm … just found some code here

I´m not capable to put this in code either I´m afraid, that is way above my knowledge. What is the code you found, what can it do? Can it be implemented in HASS?

well its a shell script at the moment just follow the link but I have just found even more details … need to see whats possible with it though …

Honestly I don’t know anything about shell script’s either.

Let us know what you have found when you have checked it out :smile:

Is anyone working on this?

By default - without implementing anything - I can see them in the log as


with the states “on” and “off”.

@Regularj, did you figure anything out?

Unfortunately not.

I have a couple of Samsung speakers and at the momenent I’m just using a simple script to play/stop radio streams at a set volume.

I see that my speakers are currently auto discovered by the samsungtv mediaplayer component, and show up in HASS. Unfortunately the samsungtv component does not provide the necessary controls for the wireless speakers so it is pretty useless for this purpose. The samsungtv autodiscovery should probably be rewritten to exclude wireless speakers.

Looking at the WAM_API documentation and some of the current mediaplayer sources, it would seem like a relatively easy task to implement support for these speakers in HASS.

My programming skills are limitied, even more so my python, and I have no real knowledge of HASS integration. However, I do have working python code for speaker discovery and some basic controls based on the WAM_API documentation.

If someone with more python/HASS skills would be interested in looking at this, I would be happy to help out.

This is my problem as well. Not enough python skills.

Would you share your script? I’d love to use it to play some tunes in the morning or when motion detected.


At the moment I’m just using this:

And define it as different ‘shell_commands’ which is I use in automations.

How can I add a custom tune? I managed to interact and play the standard-tunes. But I’d like to add a custom radio station. :slight_smile:

This looks really interesting, but I have never worked with this before. How do you add it and how do you use it with automations?

Download the script and execute it:

./ search

This gives you the IP. In the script you have some example commands.

Any examples of automations to share?

You will have to define the stations as favorites in “TuneIn”. Then you can play them from the script as fav1/2/3 and radio1/2/3 respectively.

Example configuration:

  r1_play_fav1_v8: /usr/local/bin/multiroom <ip address/host name> fav1 8
  r1_stop: /usr/local/bin/multiroom <ip address/host name> stop
  r1_vol11: /usr/local/bin/multiroom <ip address/host name> volume 11

  - alias: Radio on in the morning
      - platform: time
        at: '06:20:30'
      - condition: time
          - mon
          - tue
          - wed
          - thu
          - fri
      - service: shell_command.r1_play_fav1_v8

There might be errors in the above, but at least it will give you an idea.

Thanks, I am starting to get this :slight_smile:

Is there any way yo control a group of speakers in multiroom mode?

@Regularj Is there more commands evadible then those in the script?

I don’t know. Maybe here’s something for you? Sorry I haven’t looked into the code that deeply. Which command do you want/need?