Samsung SmartThings - Smart Tag & Virtual Switch (Temp Workaround)

A while back similar to others I got my Smart Tag but quickly noticed it wasn’t very integrated with Home Assistant (not blaming HA).
A request is still open Votes Add Samsung Smart Tag support to SmartThings integration.

There’s many workarounds but I haven’t seen this one documented (yet).

Brief Overview:
You can create a ‘Virtual Switch’ within the SmartThings App which will feed to HA.
Then create a routine within the Smart Tag button to toggle the Virtual Switch.
The Virtual Switch can then be used in HA for automations.

Step by step…

  1. Create a ‘Virtual Switch’ In the SmartThings App navigate to
  1. ‘Menu’ tab
  2. Labs
  3. Virtual Switch (call it whatever you like)

Navigate to Labs

Then find the Virtual Switch

The Virtual Switch can be configured and named to whatever you like

  1. Create a routine for the button’ In the SmartThings App navigate to
  1. ‘Devices’ tab
  2. Select your Smart Tag
  3. Configure a routine for the the button held/pressed to toggle or turn on/off the Virtual Switch

I configured mine to toggle the Virtual Switch when pressed

  1. Navigate to your Home Assistant > Integrations and reload Samsung SmartThings
    The virtual switch should be created and should toggle when the Smart Tag button is pressed.

@91JJ thanks for sharing this useful workaround, let’s hope that SmartTag location tracking is supported soon in Home Assistant :sweat_smile: I have tried other ESP32 based presence solutions to track the BLE tags however it’s not possible due to how the MAC address is randomised.

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Hmm, missing Labs (and Mall). Read somewhere it’s only available in US and Korea. Anyone who can confirm?

I was able to create the virtual switch from the API web. Still not selectable though (Control devices greyed out). I can only choose “Notify someone” or “Change this location’s mode”.

Do I need a SmartThings Hub for this? :see_no_evil:

I think Smarthings Labs is pretty recent, I had to update my phone & app (in UK on Galaxy S21 Ultra) so not sure if those factors come into play.

You can also create a Virtual Switch in the Samsung IDE - unsure if this is what you mean by the API?

I’m suspecting that Labs-feature isn’t available in my region. Tried clearing data & reinstalling the app but it makes no difference.

Yes, that is what I meant by “API web”.

Control devices still isn’t available as an action when I press a button on either the virtual switch nor the SmartTag. Run scenes and Change security mode is also unavailable. Hmm…

Have you tried editing the device in samsung ide?

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I can confirm that this procedure still works and is good workaround for Samsung SmartTag2 also.
However, I still hope that natively it will work in SmartThings integration, including location…