Samsung TV 2014 H Series not working

Hello everybody.

I have a Samsung TV H6400 that I cannot get it to work. This model use encryption, so the default component does not work.

By default, it is recognized but I can’t control anything. I would like to make it work, so i have tested several custom components, and there is one that works a little: Control newer Samsung TVs

I can control volume up, down, volume level and mute. The most important things for me to control are ‘poweron’ and ‘poweroff’.

Has someone managed to make a samsung 2014 H series work?


I didn’t succeed in controlling my H-series TV through HA but I did get it to work through a python script.
It was a bit tricky pairing it but eventually it did seem to work.

However I don’t have much python knowledge to write my own script to integrate it with HA, but if there are any programmers out here willing to do the hard work :wink:

I got it working (python only) starting of this example:

Small update: I’ve started the custom_component myself!

I can control my H-series samsung tv through home assistant!
However turning the tv on or off isn’t working, I’m trying to solve this in the next couple of days.

When I’ve made some further progress i will post my code so any decent developer can improve my code :wink:


Very curious to see what you come up with. New to HA, but now giving up on getting my H series working.

Good luck. If there is anything i can do, let me know!!


I gave up trying to get mine to work, been having issues a long time with my 2018 TV, even with Smartthings.
I just made an IR transmitter from an NodeMCU and an IR LED on a long lead stuck to the TV’s receiver (the type you get with an IR extender box) under my TV using ESPHome in Hassio, works from HA everytime. No instant power status, but I use ping binary sensor and have that set to update every 5s.

I know there’s some very talented people working on this at the moment, so haven’t quite given up yet…

Hi Guys,

Sorry for my late response, I just moved to my new house and have been busy :wink:

You can find the custom component code here:!I9ACwYbD!j_6EIH9crOfcoQK9FiXuONCE5r-M36drQ5lM_qWpXPI

The config looks like this:

  • platform: samsunghseries
    name: Name for your TV
    host: IP address of television
    ctx: “CTX code generated when paring”
    session_id: Session ID generated during paring
    mac: television mac

See the instructions below on how to get CTX and Session ID:

Once turned on I am able to control my H-series, however turning on (magic packet) doesn’t seem to work.

If any of you gets this to work let us know :wink:

Kind regards,

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Only a question. Where do you place the custom_component?

I have placed it here:

  • config
    • custom_component
      • samsunghseries

But I get this error validating it:

Integration samsunghseries not found when trying to verify its media_player platform.

Hmmm, that is where i have stored the component as well…
What version are you on?

I have the 0.92.1 Home Assistant version.

I think you should reestructure de custom_component following these instructions:


I’m looking for a way to control my H6400 as most as possible.
i saw the smartview2 handshake API fromeclair4151 on github but i can’t run it.
maybe i’m doing something wrong, i don’t have a lot of python knowledge.
i have download all the files from the github, image
change my ip adress in “”
and then i run “” but everytime i get this error in my commandline:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\d.bos\Desktop\SmartCrypto-master\PySmartCrypto\", line 2, in <module>
    import crypto
  File "C:\Users\d.bos\Desktop\SmartCrypto-master\PySmartCrypto\", line 2, in <module>
    from Crypto.Cipher import AES
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Crypto'

hopefully someone can help me. i would love to control my tv instead of buying a new one.

You have to install all the libraries the script needs. In that case:

pip install crypto

Good Luck!

It would be great if we could add this model on this HACS integration:

This integration supports all the samsung protocol except de encryption one. But there are lots of implementation that solves the encryption method, like

Unfortunately the link is no longer valid is your component available anywhere else?

can you please share again the script? the mega link is down…


I found this:

It seems it includes de python tool. I also have a 2014 tv that is detected by HA’s samsungtv component but can’t control anything. Will give this a shot

p.s. tested and it works. You have to pair the tv and get the token & sessionid as explained in github. One limitation of 2014 TVs: they can’t be turned on via the network. Turning off does work though. There is an issue with TV state detection but surely it will get fixed.

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Wow thanks!! It works.

C:\Users\serma\Downloads\samsungtv_custom-master\samsungtv_custom-master>C:\Desarrollo\languages\python-3.7.2\python.exe --ip --port 8080

Current state: running
Please enter pin from tv: 1139
Got pin: '1569'

ctx: 325e8xdfsae9b778856058ew432e1b99
Pin accepted :)

sessionId: 2
SessionID: 2
Authorization successfull :)

It’s great!! It should be in HACS :slight_smile:

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i’ve tried it myself and it works!!! great finding!!!

I’ve forked Artuleao’s repository to work on it. I have free time now and i would like to have my Samsung TV working as soon as possible.

I have added it to HACS (waiting for authorization of @ludeeus) and rename the component to avoid collisions of HACS.

I hope this component working ASAP :slight_smile: