Save eMMC Lifetime


as several other users, I noticed that my Home Assistan Green’s “eMMC lifetime” is already shown as “10%”: Home Assistant Green - eMMC Lifetime Used. Worrying that this might deteriorate rather quickly, I was thinking of alternatives to use here.

As the green doesn’t come with a M2-SSD connector, I see only one option of extending the lifetime of the eMMC: Writing as little as possible.

Meaning: All logging, all backups, etc should/could go somewhere else, therefore reducing the impact on the eMMC’s lifetime. Options I could think of would be a USB stick, an SD card, or even a NAS.

Anyone here that has tried something like this and can share his experiences?

Just not sure but my oldie Odroid C2 is showing eMMC wear of 10% for a long-long time, from the time I first noticed it in HA (2 years maybe) - so no worries as eMMC is far superior to SD cards in terms of durability?
Best, JR