Scare away cat


I have kind of a curious question:

First words: I love my cats.

There are moments when love is put to the test. For example, when one of the cats decides at 5 a.m. that it’s time for the royal breakfast.

We then lock the cats out of the bedroom. But before long they start meowing.

I’m now looking for a device that I can control via remote control/HomeAssistant to either spray a little water or air or play a sound.

Do you have an idea for this?

Last word: I love my cats, still :slight_smile:

PS. This solution seems to harsh for my situation.

And an automatic feeder doesn’t help because the stroner cat would eat everything else.


High VERY HIGH amount of recognition :slight_smile: or is it :roll_eyes:
Ours just tries anything…if service is not fast enough then claws are put where the furnitue likes it least. For us a non-HA controlled feeder is fine, just to make sure food is there all day long and we have no neigbouring cats so ‘lucky’
Thinking about possible solutions, I am not sure if spraying water or music would help, either ending up with a wet floor or music being played avery few minutes or so.
Clearly I am not much of a help, I will follow this thread though

From a fellow West Aussie on YouTube:

EDIT: I just realised the linked thread has the same video. Sorry!

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There are various ultrasonic cat repellers available on sites like Amazon which are mostly aimed at keeping cats out of gardens (presumably to prevent then burying their sh*t).

Maybe you could download or record a short ultrasonic clip to see whether this would play over a speaker via Home Assistant. Of course it would depend on the frequency response of the speaker but I am sure a speaker could play a high frequency that humans cannot hear but cats can.

When my cat used to wake me up at 5 am, I put it in a bathroom, and went back to sleep.

After a few times, it stopped waking me up. If some random day it did it again: one trip to the bathroom as a reminder.