Scenes States turns of Screens

I’m trying to set up scenes using the scene editor. I must say, I was surprised how awkward it behaves. I have my PC screens on a smart switch. When I add it to my “turn off studio” scene, it turns of my PC screens while I am setting up the scenes and I cannot continue the setup because the screens are turned of off in a “live” fashion and I am basically blind. Home Assistant is great, but this is probably the dumbest feature in the scenes setup. If I am trying to set up a state in a scene, why is it actually turning it off or on in a “Life” manner??? There is no reason I can think of (except because it is easier to program) why this would make any sense! This wasn’t really though through I suppose. The way it is now, the scene editor is unusable (at least for my scenes). I love home assistant but the scene editor is super weird. If this is because I am doing something wrong, please let me know. Meanwhile, I will try to do it manually and set up my scenes in the config. Cheers