Schlage Encode Wifi

Has anyone looked at integration with the new Schlage Encode series WiFi locks?

+1 Looking to buy the Encode

I bought it. Works great. Now if only HA supported it.

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Just bought it as well :slight_smile:

Looking at this vs the zwave one. Will the wifi not work with HA?

Not supported yet but I’m sure eventually. The WiFi one does work great.

How is battery life?

Seems fine so far but have only had it for a few weeks.

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Working great for me so far. Battery life advertised as 6 months. We’ll see… :wink:

I also recently bought this lock, it’s been working great so far. Interesting in having it integrated into HA. Once I get home I’ll try sniffing around the WiFi interface to see if there’s any APIs exposed, unless others are aware of any documentation?

I just saw this lock on YouTube, really caught my attention!

Any luck on integrating this? Lock status, battery status, entry events, alarm events, lock control - what’s not to like!?

Anyone up for the task? I’ll buy you a Schlage Encode if you can get an integration built.

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Did you by chance ever try sniffing for exposed endpoints? I’m growing tired of my zwave version of the lock and hoping the wifi enabled version would be more reliable. Also, do you notice any response lag when doing remote lock/unlock? Wondering how they got a battery powered wifi device to run for “months”. Gotta imagine some form of deep sleep mode, which makes me presume some lag on wakeup.

Any updates on this?

I’ve e-mailed Schlage asking for an API and this is the response I got:


Thank you for being a Schlage customer. We do not have a public API for Schlage smart locks at this time. I have shared your request for an API with our product team. Your feedback is helpful as we consider future product enhancements.

Thank you for choosing SCHLAGE

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I reverse engineered some of the app… it authenticates using AWS’s Cognito SAML API… which I couldnt get through… the rest was web sockets for communication which I didnt bother but once getting beyond the auth I appeared promising.


Anyone have luck with integrating the encode? I like the build of these vs the Yale locks and inner part is less bulky than previous connect models.

Would really appreciate some method of integrating the Schlage wifi locks into HA. I need the user-friendly features of the Encode line (setting up time-window PIN codes via the app, that kind of thing) that you can’t really get with the Z-Wave line of locks. But it would still be nice to have the lock status available in HA, and be able to lock the door based on HA events.

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I am also really keen on having the Schlage Encode integrated. Its a great, easy to use lock, but with home assistant it would be so much better. I emailed Schlage requesting a public API but got the standard response that they will pass on the request. Any smart people who can solve this one and get through the AWS Cognito API?

Just wondering if there is a way to do this using the Alexa smart home skill:

As the Schlage Encode works with Alexa already, you could basically trigger the Alexa skill (lock/unlock) via home assistant:

My understanding is you dont need to use voice, or even have an Alexa device?

I am unsure if this setup would provide HA the lock status back from Alexa though - is anyone aware if it would?