Script Blueprint Allow variable live input like regular scripts

I would like to be able to send in “live” data to script blueprints the same way you can with sending it into regular scripts.
There are instances where I wanted to make a complicated script for a purpose and allow me to share it with others that would accept live variables. The live variables fail syntax and I’m not able to add them, even in YAML.

Scenario, I have a script blueprint that will allow you to TTS to any of the 11 integrated TTS flavors in home assistant. As it works now you need to generate a script blueprint caller for each statement you want to say. I would like to be able to ‘call’ that script calling the blueprint with data generated at the calling point, IE the statement that needs to be said, have that pulled from a variable into an input, and sent to the script blueprint for rendering. Then the data could be specific like 'Room Temperature is set to 73 degrees" kind of thing.

I found that using script fields will allow you to pass variables into a script blueprint.