SCS-gate configuration BTICINO

anyone has configure Home Assistant for an BTICIONO MYHOME with the escape_gate ?

Please help me I am not expert in configuration of Home assistant.
I found the software under this path

But I am not able to configuare it.
Could explain how I have to configure it ?
In the manual it says :

Example configuration.yaml entry

Configuration variables:

device (Required): The path to your device, e.g. /dev/ttyACM0
But I have an IP address and a port that it used.

If you are running then I guess you can’t, if you are running Hassbian or similar then run the script file mentioned in the github - scs-monitor.

Hi keithh666,
thanks for the answer.
I have still not clear the point but in the mean time could you send me your configuration file about scsgate ?
Just for your information I have installed on my PC I don’t have Raspberry Pi 3 (for the moment).
For me is not clear how to specify the IP where I found escape_gate and how to configure the port used for UDP protocol.
If I have understood well scs-monitor is only to recognize the BTICINO address but If I have an example mybe I can generate for all the light witheout the monitor
Regards, Gianluigi.

I don’t have one I was just reading from the github that you posted :slight_smile: Since you are running I suspect you won’t be able to run the necessary files to generate the config, but I could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue: Since there is no component for scsgate and you would need to install scsgate with sudo pip install scsgate, which you can’t do in I believe as you don’t have any access to the underlying OS, you would have to write an addon to get it working, I think. Hopefully someone will come along and prove me wrong!

EDIT: so there is a component, however unless someone else uses it and can give you some info, I’m not sure what you can do.

EDIT 2: This might help you…

I made a full for free integration using Bticino Gateway as F454, Mhserver1 etc…