Seafile integration component

Seafile for Home Assistant

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The component is designed to integrate the Seafile file storage, editing and synchronization service into Home Assistant.

The component adds the ability to view media files directly from HASS and also configure automation for the amount of data occupied for each user.


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The easiest way to install the Seafile integration is with HACS. First install HACS if you don’t have it yet. After installation you can find this integration in the HACS store under integrations.

Alternatively, you can install it manually. Just copy and paste the content of the hass-seafile/custom_components folder in your config/custom_components directory. As example, you will get the file in the following path: /config/custom_components/seafile/ The disadvantage of a manual installation is that you won’t be notified about updates.



Settings > Integrations > Plus > Seafile

To connect, enter the ip address and port. And also if you use basic auth, enter the user and password.

:exclamation: Via YAML (legacy way) not supported



Changes in v1.1.0


  • Added thumbnail generation and HEIC viewing. More;
  • Added thumbnail generation for video. More.