Search option on main website!

There is so much documentation that is not linked in to anywhere else and difficult to find.

If search was added to the main website, we’d be able to find things and in the process we could begin to link them in a logical fashion. For now, I’ve been using Google advanced search, but a project of this caliber should really have a search function. I’m sure there are a lot of users holding off on implementing things they saw announced in a release but later couldn’t find the documentation for; I know this happened to me with implementing secrets.

I’d like to see this feature as well as a blog post on how to edit documentation with some explanations of the syntax. I know this is something I could contribute to, but without these tools it’s very difficult.

Hopefully a lot of other users will agree and vote on this!


+1 - I have wanated this for a while!

It’s an item on the Pivotal tracker.

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besides a search would a index page be very helpfull.
or some kind of better menu structure.

We have documentation about the website itself. It’s true we don’t provide much details about markdown aka the syntax because it would just be a duplication of those information provided by the Markdown documentation.

Today was the website completely moved to its own repository and the documentation will be updated as well.

Well, every section contains an index page which should list the content. There should be only a few pages which are not directly accessible (wip, release guide lines, etc).

Feels free to propose better. We are always looking for improvement.

i am personally not a fan from right side menu structures, but thats a choice.
at the moment components has it left and examples has none, if there was Always a structure at the right side i think it would be more Obvious what is where, but i guess you are right that almost everything is directly accessible, it just doesnt feel like that somehow.

i guess i would preffer it if every page has a menu (which always looks the same) and a parent.
right now if i look for templates i go to:
getting started (gives a menu at the right side)
advanced topics (is a menu itselve)
template (has no menu)

if that was realized there could be an index page, with the complete structure.

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What do you mean we need a site search, there’s a great one right here :grin:

Apparently didn’t read my initial comment.

Which ironically is buried and linked in from one page :smile:, but thanks - I’ll look into this.

You’d be surprised at how many pages this actually is, @fabaff. I think if someone ran a site map and added it to the menu, it would be a good start towards getting things better organized. I think working from a site map, we’d be able to propose a better structure. Search and a site map and I’m on board for contributing to the site structure.

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I’m totally with you on this and with a consistent menu structure on each page, we’d have a site worthy of such an awesome project.

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