SMS via Carrier Gateway


TextBelt ( is a REST API that sends outgoing SMS. It is available as a public service or as an internally self-hosted server.

Textbelt uses carrier-specific gateways to deliver your text messages for free, and without ads. The service is fairly reliable and has sent over 1 million texts.

Can this be integrated?

This appears to simply be taking advantage of many carriers’ existing email-to-text gateways. You can get this in HASS right now by using the SMTP notify platform and setting the recipient to your number @ your carrier’s gateway. Example for T-Mobile US: [email protected] . You can find your carrier’s gateway address in many places, one of them being TextBelt’s code.


You can also use the IFTTT SMS channel to Text messages to yourself based on HA triggers.

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thats exactly what it appears to be doing and your tip is exactly what I needed. thx
(don’t know how I missed the smtp notify…)

It’s easy to miss stuff without a search function on the main site. I use Google and site search and find stuff I was taking weeks to find before. _whatever you are looking for_

BTW, I have a feature request for site search on the main site, it got a number of votes but could always use more…

Little late, but the verizon gateway is like [email protected]