Section Cards Improvements

Loving the new Section Cards with 2024.3. This is something I’ve historically needed to manage manually or by using custom cards. I have 2 suggestions that I think would really enhance the current experimental implementation:

  1. Make the name display in bold
  2. Provide an option to select an entity/icon to display next to the name. For instance; if you use a Section Card to represent a room, this would enable you to add a light group to the header row giving you a single click to turn all lights in that room off without requiring a discrete card.

I currently do both of the above using room-card, but would love to be able to do this without relying on 3rd party cards (no offence intended to the maintainer of Room Card :smiley:)

I believe it was mentioned at the latest release party and the Project Grace announcement that ideas and suggestions regarding the new dashboard should be also posted in the Blog Post to be sure the right people see it. This is because the feature is still Experimental.
You might want to post this there as well.