Sections - Customize horizontal gap size


I think the Sections feature introduced in 2024.3 is great; I’d love to migrate all my cards over to it. However, one thing that’s bugging me is that the horizontal gap between cards seems to be hard-coded at 32px, much wider than the vertical spacing. I find the equal spacing between classic dashboard cards to be much more aesthetically pleasing.

In a future version can we please have the ability to adjust this? I tried my hand at fixing it myself by adding some css to the theme, but had no luck in banishing the gap. Thanks!

This would be great!

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We absolutely need this! Simple thing it would seem, to be able to adjust the gap width? Currently I can’t use the new sections layout because I like to include a lot of information, especially in my Home dashboard page. Sections, with these gaps, waste too much valuable real-estate!

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