Sections - Customize row/card height

The new sections adjusted row-height in a way that can’t be card-modded (it’s on parent and you can’t reach them) nor themed (it gets overruled).

For some compact cards like Titles, it creates lots of blank space, which is specially annoying in small screens.

Just deleting the --row-height value or setting it to 0 does the trick, and it doesn’t break anything. Before you could work around this by using negative margins with card-mod, but now even if you do, the min-height is enforced by the parent.

This could be adjustable, or as easy as a setting like the “Force square” in Grid cards. If either you want a small card to fit the row, or just compact based on its content (my preferred way).

Link to the HA sections release deep dive

Just found out this was the cause of my dashboards that have been migrated to sections to have a lot of unneeded whitespace. Did anyone find a workaround for this yet?


same here. I have a custom:mushroom-chips-card a the top of a row and card have row height of 66px and it’s to big:



I have the exact same problem. Currently no solution to this but not using sections at all (when certain cards like eg. mushroom-chips are required).

Same exact issue… I’m using bubble card dividers in my sections view and it’s leaving a ton of white space. If I uncheck it in dev view it’s PERFECTION!