Secure Video support for HomeKit component

Following up on the Camera support for HomeKit component feature request, it would be really great if the HomeKit component would also provide support for the Secure Video feature.

Seems like there is some related progress in the Homebridge/HAP-NodeJS project.

Would be really exciting to see some progress on this topic!

finger crossed! I am waiting for this too!

This would be great in HA!

Definitely would be great - and with the new additions announced today around facial recognition and being able to define activity zones for Homekit Secure Video, it would be amazing to use small, cheap cameras for the raw feed and have HSV do the processing on the homekit hub :slight_smile:

Yes please!!!

The more I think about it, the more excited I am for the potential of this feature. Up until now, I’ve been trying a number of the custom components that use some form of AI to detect images (e.g. DOODS). From these triggers, I then call a series of automation steps to decide whether to record, record, then send me a notification. I have tried to build sones sort of NVR interface in Lovelace, but cannot get anything to look/work well.

For those of us in both the HA and Apple ecosystem, this has huge potential. Leverage HA to push “generic” IP came to HomeKit, then have HomeKit act as a easy-to-use NVR.

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Yes, please. So far, excellent HomeKit integration :100:


I second this. This is the number one feature I am waiting for! I have everything integrated into home assistant and use it as my primary UI even though I have HomeKit running as well. The only thing missing are the cameras as I don’t want to lose hksv functionality!

Is there any update on this? I found that other users are working on a plugin to integrate HomeKit Secure Video on Homebridge as well:

HomeKit Secure Video by koush · Pull Request #904 · homebridge/HAP-NodeJS (
HomeKit Secure Video for Unifi and Amcrest now available on Scrypted : homebridge (
Also, someone already asked to implement it on HA, but since the dev is not an HA user, there are no updates on this:
Home assistant addon · Issue #18 · koush/scrypted (
It would really love to use both HA and HomeKit Secure Video!


I’ve just seen that HSV can be used with other cameras and doorbells now with Scrypted so hopefully it shouldn’t be long before we can use it in HA

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HomeKit Secure Video support has been added to the latest HomeBridge: Release v1.4.0 · homebridge/homebridge · GitHub.

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That is very exciting. I look forward to when someone is able to bring this forward to HA!

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For those who can’t wait, check out camera.ui. I set up a Homebridge instance running this plug-in for now. It’s working great with HSV.

It supports MQTT, so I’ve got motion detection and doorbell notifications linked back to Home Assistant using that.

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Thanks for sharing your workaround! How did you manage to get a stream in both apple homekit and home assistant? Did you add the homebridge bridge in home assistant and expose the camera through home assistant? I guess you would loose the hksv feature?

I’m using a UniFi camera through UniFi Video, so Home Assistant has a camera feed from that integration, camera.ui then has an RTSP feed from UniFi Video.

Essentially the camera component isn’t linked between the two, they have their own feeds.


Is there any update on when HKSV will be added to the homekit component?
The one on Homebrige (camera ui plugin) works great but i would love to use it natively in HASS.


I’ve made an add-on that lets you install Scrypted on Home Assistant OS, see here:


Can you share a config on how to add a motion sensor from the camera to the HA?

There is A new WTH! about this @ WTH Can’t I use HomeKit secure video? Please vote for both!

Would love to see any traction on this. I hate to have to add ANOTHER part to my home setup to get HKSV working.