Security model - Authorization

A security model for HA that will allow a building out of “people” to include authorization down to the entity, databoard level etc.

Use case is you have people in your home where you want to allow them access to certain functions, but not others.

Assigning a person to a role, and granting permissions to the role would be ideal.

Duplicate of this : Access Control: A Comprehensive Standard Integration Into The Core

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Looks like that one is specific to locks and this one appears to be a more generic approach

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I think you’re all right.

I agree with the ask AND I’m also positive I saw this earlier probably a year ago.Maybe in a wtf post ?

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I’m kind of new to this (first post on ha community), I did see something similar in a WTF post. Does that mean its already been asked for? I think this might be the post you saw. Its defintely along the same lines as what I’m asking for.

Yes, and no problem. It’s generally considered good form to look for these things first and if it closely matches - +1 that one instead of starting your own.

Also - this kind of security model has been asked for many times. There’s quite a few feature requests like this - go read, you’ll see who’s asking for what and +1 the votes on the ones that tickle your fancy.

(like FIDO2 compliant federated identities so I can get rid of my blasted passwords…)