Security while home? What are you doing?

So, i’m curious what others are doing for security at night or while home.


Arming my alarm system in perimeter mode when everyone is detected as in bed.

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how do you do that?

I do the same as @tom_l, but aren’t using the bed sensors (Withings sleep) to arm yet since we have small kids that sometimes sleep in our bed. I base my arming time of night and if the lights in the living room are off, and turn it off based on motion and door sensors from the bedrooms at morning. Arm away is done by the Yale doorman.

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I do similar, but it’s a ‘guess’ whether people are actually in bed. I’ll take a look at Withings sleep - thanks!

Be aware that many report issues with the Withings integration. I’ve not had any issues myself and have been using it for years, but do a search on the forums. The “unknown” status is present if you do a reboot of HA while no one is in bed. It turns to occupied at once when it senses presence.

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Thanks, @tom_l :+1:

+1 in bed detection on withings. As long as you know it drops unknown at restart its easy to handle in automations. Just look for the in bed sensor detection from any previous state and don’t do maintenance at night while your SO is in bed or handle the state when the sensor is suddenly unavailable on restart.

I have a time window for ‘autosleep’ if we’re in the time window and autosleep is on (sometimes I want to watch TV in bed late and want to override sleep) then 5 seconds later the room drops to sleep mode. (each room is controlled by an occupancy mode input select)

That takes care of the bedroom and master suite.

The house sleep is on a Baysean that takes into account other motion sensors after the master suite drops to sleep. Various electrical loads, a guest mode boolean, an entertainment mode boolean (are other people in the home?) and when the Baysean says we’re not in entertainment mode and it’s quiet - we pop whole home sleep boolean and the rest of the rooms respond accordingly. Security is armed-stay automatically at night (triggers on a mode I call night-late) if entertainment mode is not active.

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