Seeking a soluttion 20+ dimmable GU10 lights

Hey all

I’m renovating my house and would like to install new lights in the living/dining room area on the perimeter all around the ceiling, and counted that I need 20 of those GU10 resessed lights.

The idea is to have them dimmable and ideally able to change the white temperature, and easily integrated in home assistant with my existing zigbee2mqtt setup.

I found the perfect product for that in the IKEA GU10 Zigbee ones which are 30 euros for a pack of 3, and obviously one of the 7 remotes I’ll get in the whole order… with a total cost of 210+ euros for just the light bulbs.

If anyone has a better/cheaper solution, I’m all ears.

dimmable smart light switch and dimmable bulbs
i not use zigbee so no recommendation for switch. any good brand bulb will workr

price will be less and I think less smart devices makes more serviceable. but I guess this not solve your “adjust white temp” issue!!

GU10 appears 49 times on this page | 📘 Zigbee2mqtt documentation and 73 times here Database of devices compatible with ZHA, Tasmota, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ, ZIGate and ioBroker

There’s a more affordable option with LSC Smart Connect GU10 bulbs which are WiFi connected from, they are pretty cheap at 5 euros a piece.Might need a dedicated wifi ap for those. Bought a couple of them to try connect them with home assistant.

I am also using plenty of these GU10 from IKEA (18pc plus some HUE RGBW GU10), and I am totally happy with this. My main advantage is that I can just go anytime to the next IKEA if something breaks or if I need to extend…for such products I don’t like to be dependent on online purchases.

One thing to consider is the Power-On behaviour, where you need to check if this works for you. In my case, I am using the HUE bridge, so I can not update the firmware or change this setting. But the default setup, that the light turns to the last setting (brightness & color temp) is totally fine for me, as my backup plan is anyway that I can still turn on/off the bulbs via the light switch, even if HA, the Zigbee, or the network fails. In fact the switches are also smart, so that in the case someone turns them off, they are automatically turned on if someone turns on the light entities (all via Template Lights).
But for the Power-On behaviour, I also know that there are different opinions and requirements - so you need to check if this works for you.

I also have a preference for the ikea ones, because my main concern with the wifi ones is that they might not respond in sync to commands and automations.

Is this the case for the ikea ones ? I guess you created a group within zigbee2mqtt configuration (or groups) and send the commands to the group, rather than individual bulbs?