Seeking Clarity - Home Assistant, Google Home and Google on Sonos

My setup consists of Home Assistant on an O’Droid device, Google Assistant on my cell phone and 4 Sonos One speakers. When I first setup Home assistant I found it necessary to include not only the Home Assistant integration but also the Sonos integration with Google Home in order to use voice commands via Sonos speakers. Now that I’ve become a hardened Home Assistant user, I’m going through earlier Automations, Scripts and other settings, embellishing configuration.

I’m at a point were everything is working well but I’m pondering configuration of a couple of things. One in particular is use of the Sonos’ integration within Google Assistant. I recall a need to add it when first setting things up but I’m now wondering if something is configured incorrectly in either Home Assistant or Google Assistant. Is it necessary to include the Sonos integration within Google Assistant in order for voice commands to work with GA/HA?