Segway Navimow

I just contacted their support. They say it is on the roadmap but cannot give a date on which it is available or when they start working on it.

Contact them yourself via: and use the chat in the lower right corner. The more the better.

After two years of shopping robot mowers, this is the one I landed on because it has RTK GPS AND a camera, that’s unique. The reviews are amazing. I figure the API will come out eventually but the app does enough to justify itself now. I can always use some kind of ESP to block the mower from leaving it’s garage if I need to have control over it I suppose.

I’ve owned a Segway Navimow i108e for about a month now… best purchase ever. My previous Worx Landroid (dont know the type, but it was about 6 years old) broke, but before that it was always getting stuck, digging holes or somehow drove outside the boundary wires.

The navimow has been mowing flawlessly, never got stuck once or never needed my help to get out of any strange situation.

I also received new information from support. They are working on it and will release an API via firmware update this year


I can’t read a word of that but the lead-in was nice to hear!

It says:


Thank you for reaching out to Segway Navimow support team, we’ll give our best to help you out.

About your request regarding Naimow smart home api functionality, we are currently working on developing such [functionality] and will likely release this via a firmware update.

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Thank you, I Google translated it :wink:

I really hope it’s going to be a local API.
What features are you looking for?
First and foremost start mowing and return to the base.
Next probably receiving the status (charging, mowing, mowing completed, error…)
Then selecting the zone.
All the rest would be nice to have (WiFi/Bluetooth connection quality, current position on the map, changing the map,…)
Hope any of us Navimow owners is skilled enough and willing to write an integration for Home Assistant when the API is released :upside_down_face:


Is it Not possible to capture the network traffic from The App With wireshark and use the app requests to get The Data?

Update: The network traffic from the application seems to be aes decrypted :expressionless: