Select (or create) the correct entity for "return-to-grid" value for Zonneplan solar pannels and P1

I am trying to setup my energy tab with the “return-to-grid” option. I have solar panels from Zonneplan and I am using the custom made repository to get sensors to use for the energy settings in Home Assistant.

I also have a P1 meter configured to read power sensors. The only problem is that I can not find the sensor to use for the “return-to-grid” setting. In the Zonneplan repo they are talking about Zonneplan Connect (P1 reader) sensors: (when available). It looks like I do not have these sensors.

Is this something I need to purchase, or setup to my Zonneplan Connect device? Or is there some way to calculate a new sensor to use in the Energy return to grid setting? Because right now the only Zonneplan sensors I see are Zonneplan yield today and Zonnepland yield total.
If I add these sensors to the return to grid, all the energy diagrams are messed up. This sensor can not be used.

Zonneplan also has a p1 dongle (Zonneplan Connect) and if you have that the integration will provide these values to.

If you have your own p1 reader you will have to setup some additional sensors to calculate the difference between net power and solar power. The energy dashboard can/will do this to