Send an OFF to a KNX group address


I’m using KNX integration a lot, works really great for my home.

But now I’d like to send an “OFF” to a certain group address (for ‘all lights off’ in our house)
Problem is, I can only find cards (button, Light) which toggle ON/OFF, but I only need an OFF for this otherwise I’m toggeling ALL lights in my house ON/OFF. :sweat_smile:

Hi :wave:!
Use a button entity or the knx.send service - depending on where you want to use it (latter for automations).

Got it editing the knx button in yaml :
I had to change payload length to 0 to have the correct DPT

    - name: "All out house"
      address: "1/0/2"
      payload: 0
      payload_length: 0

Hm :thinking: 0 should be default for payload_length.
For payload you would need to set 0 (or False) - else you’d turn ON your lights.

If it doesn’t work without payload_length, I guess it’s a bug in the yaml parsing logic.

It’s my own fault, I followed the example from the website …
I thought payload_length: 1 was for a 1 bit value for ON/OFF :sweat_smile:

So happy it’s working now.

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Hello @spacekiek
I have the same issue as you and still wondering how you solved it.
Can you please share your solution? yaml code and how you implemented it in the dashboard.
Thank you!

In /config/configuration.yaml
I added the following :

    - name: "Everything out house"
      address: "1/0/2"
      payload: 0
      payload_length: 0

And then you just add a button card with that (new) entity

Good luck :grinning: