📸 Send camera snapshot notification on motion

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Thank you, the template is working it switches the ‘Someone_at_the_door’ ‘on’ . Unfortunately the blueprint isn’t working. Hopefully someone will make a blueprint that has other triggers.

@vorion I’ve been meaning to set this up for a long time, and you just made it super easy. I had this working on all of my cameras in just a few minutes.

I have one question. I would like for both myself & my wife to receive the notifications, but I am only able to select one device. Can I do this with your blueprint, or do I have to create duplicate automations with her device?


I’m happy that my blueprint could help.
If you know how this blueprint works, you can modify it to send it to 2 devices. However if you create multiple automations for you and her, you have the ability to enable/disable the automations separately on a condition, for example, the person who is at home does not get notifications.

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Great Blueprint. I have been looking for a way for the wife to get a pic of the kids coming home.

It pops up the notification with a tiny thumbnail. When I click on the notification (on my phone), it just opens Home Assistant. I don’t have a way to see the full size pic that I can find. Anyone with a IOS know of a wat to see a larger pic quickly and/or easily ?

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“To expand a notification on 3D Touch devices simply force touch any notification. On non-3D Touch devices swipe and tap the “View” button.”

Funny thing is, I have no notifications if I open HA.

I am not getting snapshots in notifications on iOS from my camera. What are prerequisites?

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Im using MotionEye Camera and all i got is empty notifications

And i cant open the picture file that automation is created. Anyone knows what im doing wrong :slight_smile:

How can a condition be added? say if you want this to run at night?

Are you using the new or old nest integration? I don’t get any changes running the old integration when someone presses the doorbell button.

Only the new integration gives you the ability to get a trigger.
With the old this was not available. However, there is a way to have an inline Relay, that you can monitor with an esp. Same thing and speedwise about the same. If you want, I can digg up the drawings I found.

Could you share please

Replace in the blueprint the data section by this one

  data: '{% set android_data = {"image": "%s"} | format(snapshot_access_file_path)
  %} {% set ios_data = {"push": {"sound": {"critical": "1", "name": "default", "volume": "0.1"}}, "attachment": {"url": "%s", "content_type": "JPEG"}} | format(snapshot_access_file_path)
  %} {{ ios_data if is_ios else android_data }}'

Nice, Thank you. It even sent a picture to my watch!

It’s based on this :slight_smile:
Nest Hello Advanced Wiring Diagram
The NO/NC with ESPhome is eazy:
:mage: Magic Section below :mage:

  - platform: gpio
    name: "Latch detect"
    pin: D2
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I’ve changed the code - restarted HA but i’m only getting the notification.
I"m not getting the picture from my Wyze V2 cam running RTSP firmware via Motion Eye.

What to do?

Honestly no idea.
Did it work before the change?

The camera tumbnail never worked, that’s why i tried your fix.

Thanks, it works now on iOS!

Please add an option to send only if the alarm is activated!