Send pulse to knx device

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I need to send a pulse to several knx devices (electrical windows, garage door, front door etc.).

How do i do that using Hassio?

Thank you.

I think knx.send isvthe Service you are looking for.

But can i make an entity out of it?

What for? It would always have the same state.
Otherwise it’s just a switch.

I just need a Button, which send a pulse when pressed. So no switch…

Try searching for “momentary switch”. This not really being a first class citizen thing is something I really don’t get about HA.

With knx you could use a switch with reset_after. But this would send a 0 payload on reset.

Not sure what you want to achieve. If you want to expose a HA item to KNX. Say a switch which is not a KNX switch you can do that.

Look for „Expose“ here

How do i use reset_after? The KNX-Implementation seems not to support it.

I tried it but it returned an error.

Oh right, sorry. This didn’t pass review. It’s not available in HA.
You can customize a switch with assumed_state = true (See HA entity customize). But optically it’s more of a workaround than a solution.

Thank you for the quick reply. Right now i’m using automations to reset the switches, but that’s also more a workaround.

Btw. Do you know why the knx weather do not support brightness? I can add a group address, but it is not shown in Hass.

Please open a GitHub issue for such problems and provide as much Information as you can (Config, logs, ETS logs, ETS screenshots etc). Either at homeassistant repo or xknx repo (if it is knx / knx integration specific like this).

Edit: no, forget it. The HA weather entity just doesn’t support it. Brightness is afaik only used to calculate the current weather condition.