Send Synology Surveillance motion events to HA switch


Amazing! Don’t suppose you’d mind sharing your Node-Red flow? What kind of latency do you get from this?


It’s pretty much instant as far as I can tell. Obviously limited by how quickly your camera signals the event and how loaded your system is, etc but it comes through very fast in my testing.

Here’s my node flow: click


Thanks! You’ve just saved me heaps of headaches!


would you mind to explain in more details what a is? Is this a service I need to install on the Synology?
How does it need to be configured?
This solution currently is not within my skills.
thx in advance


Hi All! +1 for this - not sure what a is…can you please expand on this?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I don’t use it, but Community Add-on: Node-RED all the details are here.


Pleased to advise that the latest update of Surveillance Station (8.2.3-5828) fixes the Action Rules ability to send events to a webhoook URL in HA!! :slight_smile: How to do that is here Send Synology Surveillance motion events to HA switch