Sending & receiving files (to sd card)

is there a way to send/recieve files to an ESP32-home device (sd card) ?

for 1 project I would like to store data in memory & write to SD card if memory gets full (and send a specific set if conditions are met)

I want to build a dashcam, that connects to the canbus & gps, store fuel consumption drive data to SD-card1, and dashcam images to SD-card 2
and a “emergency button” where it records all data for 10-20 minutes

SDcard 1 is only to write every 15min a txt file from ignition to engine-off (depending on available flash mem) with stats collected from the car, the GPS is just to provide time/date for the filename.

sdcard 2 wil store the images from the camera, and if its corrupted well than you need to replace it. (maybe a write counter on the other SD just to swap in time.

the GPS is also used for geolocation, when close (enough) to home and try to send logging → home that has not yet been sent … because we cannot always park near home can be very intermittend.

for other projects it would be nice to send a picture / sound file to an esp with storage attached.

No, there is no facility to access sd-cards in esphome

there is a way

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Dfplayer doesn’t seem to have a way to generally read or write to an SD card. Or it’s there something I missed?

The RNT link has nothing to do with esphome, unless you want to write a component.

Im not sure why dfplayer is being considered all when there has been standard sd card attachments available for years. Im pretty sure these are were the idea of dfpayer came from. They modified one of those to just read and transmit mp3 files out to a DAC. Similarly, i have no idea why someone would build this from scratch when there are aftermarket car products that do all or most of this already. I also have no idea why building this in esphome is being considered either. I suspect this project will die as soon as this person returns to reality and thins a little more about this.

Short answer: there is no built in access to writing/reading to SD card in esphome.


  1. Build it in c++
  2. Write a custom component for esphome.

For example, I’m building a heating control system and I need to store some temperature values somewhere. How do you think you can do it in esp home but apart from Home Assistant???

Can use number, globals or f.e. static variables in lambda calls.