Sengled bulbs + conbee II


Lowes had a sale on Sengled element classic ($4.99) so decided to pick a few up. After doing a bit of research it appears I have a few options to integrate the bulbs with HA. I’d like to give conbee II + deConz but looking at the official supported bulbs I don’t see Sengled listed.

Anyone have this combination working ?

I had it working.
Then DeconZ lost everything on an update.
I want to go back but I’ll have to be super vigilant about snapshots. Too much changed since my failure.

I am using a bunch of Sengled bulbs and a different Zigbee stick. The built in HA utility works great.

Looks like this may be the safer route, which Zigbee stick ?

I think in general - most Zigbee solutions make it easy to add lights. They seem to follow some generic standard within the Zigbee standard.

It is sensors and switches (remotes), blinds etc that often will not work unless they are specifically supported. But plain lights (and smart plugs) that just support on/off, intensity and optionally colour normally pairs fine. Same on Philips Hue bridge. Light are normally not a problem.

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I’m using the HUSBZB-1 stick, which does Zigbee and Z-wave. I have also tried a bunch of cheap Xiaomi temp sensors and name brand Z-wave switches/locks without issues.

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I use Sengled Bulbs on a ConBee-1 and Native ZHA integration with no issues at all. Not sure about DeConz but the ConBee II hardware shouldn’t care.

Ended up setting up Conbee II yesterday on the same PI3 running HA within it’s own container. I dropped the required files into the AddOns folder on my HASSIO share and then configured the DeconZ Add-On in HA to point to the correct USB device. The lights were recongnized right away in Phantom, once the lights were added I permitted HA to connect to Phantom so I can configure automation using HA.

I used the following thread if anyone else stumbles on this.

For the most part the instructions were accurate. The instructions say to log in using port 80 but by default the HA add-on will map 80 to 40850 so keep that in mind.

Hi there
Does anyone notice the logs in Home Assistant are full of errors after adding light builbs?
I seem to be getting an hourly attempt from Home Assistant to do something to the bulbs, in our house they are often turned off at the switch when finished, and just used from the phone app to dim and run commands etc, when they are on, and watching a film for example.

Ive tried using Ikea bulbs and Sengled, and find Sengled respond mega fast, but we still get the same alerts.
Im using ZHA with the deconz stick.