Sensor for Humidity shows value "Unknown"

Hi all,
I would like to read humidity values from the KNX bux.
Therefore, I setup a group address to which a mdt device writes the current humidity values (“8/0/101”).
This works well and I can read the value from the ETS5 diagnostics monitor. The assigned DPT is 9.007 (humidity).
The value is written every 5min to the bus via telegram.

Unfortunately the value is not read properly from HA. Moreover, just the value “Unknown” is shown.
I also waited some time to make sure that there is no time lag between.

This is my configuration:

`  sensor:
    - name: "HWR Luftfeuchtigkeit"
      state_address: "8/0/101"
      type: percent`

I only want to have the humidity values for reference in HA and HomeKit.

Do you have any ideas what could go wrong here?

Thanks a lot.

BR Thomas

This refers to DPT 5.001 - choose an appropriate type from the list found in the documentation.

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@farmio thanks a lot.
Re-reading the documentation with this hint makes it obviously clear.

Thanks, the hint solved the issue for me.

BR Thomas