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I’d like to use Dynamic Lighting (inverted lux) that takes lux value of a sensor in master bedroom and if dark, keeps lights dim in master bathroom. All fine and well until my wife does her makeup in the morning while I’m still sleeping - the lights are dim and she wants bright lights).

I have a door sensor on the door leading into the bathroom. I’d like to make it so that when the door is closed, the lights turn up to 100%, essentially ignoring dynamic lighting. When the door is opened, dynamic lighting is reengaged to turn the lights back to dim so as to not disturb whoever is sleeping.

Is that possible or could it be made possible?

Thanks for an awesome blueprint!


Yes it can. Have you looked at just using the sensor light blueprint and using night lights, and use the state condition. You will have to make a template binary sensor that inverts the state of your door so when it is closed it is ON and when it is open it is OFF. Then use that as your state condition in night lights. You could also include the time condition in night lights so when your wife does her makeup at X time and the door is closed (using your template binary sensor) then you activate night lights that are set to 100% brightness. Also make sure you select “If lights are ON, adjust the lights when crossing over” in night light control.

If you look at my template examples click here is shows you how to invert a binary sensor. See REF - TS-7

Or you can just us the template helper by going to Settings / Devices & Services / Helpers Tab at the top / Create Helper / Template / Binary Sensor / Enter in the name you would like to call it and set the device class to your liking and in “State Template” paste the code below replacing the ‘binary_sensor.your_door_sensor_here’ with your door entity ID’s

{{ is_state('binary_sensor.your_door_sensor_here', 'off') }}

Let us know if this works for you.

Blacky :smiley:

That’s a great idea. I have night mode set to a whole home toggle that goes on/off according to time of day but setting it to the light sensor makes more sense.

Is there a way to incorporate both the light illuminance and the door sensor together? I could always make a separate automation that turns the toggle on and off too which wouldn’t be hard.

Or maybe something like this in the template binary sensor:

{{is_state('binary_sensor.door_master_bathroom_status', 'off') and states('sensor.everything_presence_lite_2fbc58_illuminance_2')|float < 20 }} ```

Yes, that will work but remember when the light turns ON it can affect the lux sensor and if it goes above 20 then this template will show OFF.

Blacky :smiley: