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Hi All,

There are sensors for other public transport methods but not yet for (dutch), it would be realy cool to integrate timetables of a metro or bus in Home Assistant. At lease, I would love it :slight_smile:

Link to the sites API documentation on the official website (looks like it is a open API, just not documented at all?)

I’ve already send them a email asking if the have more information of the API, I’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time I’ve searched for some examples, I knew that Domoticz has a integration with the API trough Dashticz but he is using a external site to process the API calls.

Found a GitHub repository containing self-made documentation:
Found a Python example
Found a NodeJs Example

Some explanation about the back-end databases - PDF File

Are there any other things I could do to help? My coding skills are more based on Powershell and JavaScript Automation API’s.

Thanks in advance for looking in to it!

Hi Paul,

Looks like the API isn’t free-of-charge. Do you have an API key? Although i have not a lot of experience in building add-ons, i am willing to try to give it a shot.

Have a look at an older post that I did, it is not official, But it works!
The URL still contains python formatting but it is explained below.

Hi @sholofly,

Thank you for the interest, but allot happend in the mean time :slight_smile: With the help of a couple of other HA users we were able to create a sensor based on OvApi.

Forum topic link
GitHub link

I did had a thought about combining both services into one sensor, to provide more reliable information and to retrieve more departures of a stop. But with the upcomming familiy expantion this will stay a thought I guess.

The problem I had with OV-API is that my stop is not listed. I don’t know why but 9292 does list it.

Before Home Assistant i used dashticz in combination with domoticz. They had an 9292OV api as wel, but is writen in java script. I would be very nice to have this in Home Assistant. Maybe this will help?

See documentation: