Sensors for Exterior (Outdoor) Use

I’d like to install a zwave a tilt sensor on my garage door and a zwave door sensor on a door within the garage. An exterior door in an outdoor environment. I live in Perth County, Ontario where the average winter temperature is -11̊ C (12̊ F).

I’ve looked at Aeotec, EcoLink and Fibaro devices, which stipulate a minimum operating temperature of 0̊ C (32̊ F). I’m wondering if anyone has experience with these devices and if they will operate in temperatures below what’s stipulated in the spec’s?

No direct experience but I’m about to install several ZSE43 and their rating is also 32F to 104F. They also offer a weather case if needed.

I use the “Ecolink Z-wave Plus Gold Plated Reliability Garage Door Tilt Sensor” in my unheated garage in northern Indiana and I’ve never had any issues with cold or heat. It’s been down to around 0F here off and on this winter.

@finity, this is one of the units I was looking at. Thanks for the feedback. I think I’ll order one and try it out.

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@ServiceXp , how reliable are Zooz products? Are you using many of their products? I don’t see them being offered in any of the stores offering home automation devices.

With the exception of the ZSE41 Door / Window sensors, very reliable. I’ve gone through 3 ZSE41 in the last month. They seem extremely fragile.

Thank you for the honesty. Much appreciated.