Setting a systemwide default sidebar order

I have many dashboards and setting them up on every device of every member of my family is a big task because I cannot set a default dashboard sort order.
I have to go through all phones/desktops/tablets, configure the dashboard sort order on all of them manually. And redo everything again if a new device is bought or one is replaced.
Adding a default sort order, system wide, would be much easier.

This will also make it possible to update things later, without having to change everything on all device manually again…

Yes please. Storing in browser cookies is not optimal.

Just giving this a bump - would be extremely useful. Not only would it save me having to rearrange the sidebar on every new device, but it would be much cleaner if I could manage my parents’ instance to hide the things they don’t care about and put everything else in a logical order.

I think this needs to happen to make the user experience consistent for non technical users. My ideal feature set around this would include:

  • Default Admin Order
  • Default Non-Admin Order
  • User Specific Order
  • Ability to easily switch predefined orders with a dropdown or radio button. I don’t always want my full admin panel showing.
  • Ability for an admin to set the order of non-admin users. This would be especially useful for Kiosk users like wall mounted tablets.
  • Ability for admin to lock out the ability for non-admin users to change the order.

I think this set of features will allow a system administrator to both enforce good UI design for themselves and their users while also protecting their system from being accidentally changed by curious users.

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This would be a huge add for managing family member’s accounts! It’s really a hassle currently

Strongly agree

I agree. It will be great

You folks might like to look for a feature request to support. The WTH month closed half a year ago.

I also… agree

even I cannot reorder (Settings & Developers tools tabs) to make them upper.

Yes please. I have several devices including all my wife’s. It would be wonderful to set defaults for the system.

I concur… This would reduce admin time after any cache clearing etc.

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