Setting up the Tasker Plugin... help?

Hopefully this is an easy question. I’m a brand new HA user… just setup my PI yesterday and moved some of my devices over from my old automation setup.

I’m trying to setup the tasker plugin for android and I’m a little stuck. On the server settings it’s asking for three things.

  1. Server Name:
  2. Base URL:
  3. Access Token:

#3 I think I figured out… that’s a long term access key and I was able to find how to set that up.

#1 The server name I can probably find, but I’m not sure if that’s just the “generic name” of it there is something more I’m supposed to find.

#2 I have no idea what the Base URL is. I tried to find some info on that but I can’t see to find anything.

Anyone have some hints for me?

I don’t know if you found this already, but this post has details that may help with setup. The first post gives the server config. Server name doesn’t seem the matter much. I simple put ‘homeassistant’. My base URL is the IP, ‘’.