Several switches now detected after HA update

So today I updated HA and have then spent most of the day trying to work out what all this new stuff that has appeared in unused entities is.

I have a multitude of new sensors that I don’t want, I have countless device-trackers that it seems you cannot delete like a device tracker for a Sky Q box just because it’s connected to my unifi Wi-fi but at the bottom of the list I have 5 switches:

One of which is switch.xboxone

I was wondering what this switch actually did? Flicking it on or off does nothing, it’s showing on while the Xbox is off.

What is it for and what in the latest update made it appear and can I remove it?

Please see the discussion in the release topic.

But the short answer from the devs is;

As a user you should not aim to manage what is in the state machine. With Lovelace you pick and choose the entities that you want to see.