Share your Lovelace Projects (specifically ios/android versions)

@jimz011 Can you please help me to confgure the plugin. I need only a hint what the next step is.

I have installed the plugin via HACS and added to the lovelace dashboard.
MQTT instlalled and discovery mode is enabled.
What is next?
Do i need first of all put something in config.yaml file. Where do i need to put the timstamp (in automatisions) ?? Do you have some full examples from your config maybe also for lovelace card.

I did also asked that on that topic but no answers. Lovelace: Check Button Card

I haven’t used this plugin ever since it got updated. I never found the time to configure it again. I do have some config but this no longer works Since the way it is configured has changed.

I will post new config whenever I get to it,but I can’t tell you when I feel like doing it. Unfortunately I am pretty busy Lately. Though I will advise you to join our discord server. you can find the link a few posts back.

Im curious how you did that big *ss digitial clock. In your config your referring to “time-card” but i can’t trace it back. Can you point me in the right direction?

Would be good to see some more screenshots!

Here is what my mobile display looks like. It’s pretty basic and always a work in progress but it does everything I need it to do!

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Now :slight_smile:

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