Share your Lovelace Projects (specifically ios/android versions)

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Maybe you can share your theme through HACS. That way we all can easily track changes on the theme and update with a single click of a button

I have created a github for my theme, although I don’t think my theme is anything special (lots of similar themes available)

I have also created a pull request for it to be added to hacs (I hope :wink: pretty new to this github stuff)


Hello everyone! :wave:

@Vasco, @NotYourAverageAl and @Xan83

I have finally finished my Github!

I’ve also started a thread here:

Thanks! :heart: and Happy 2020!! :dizzy:

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Hey @N-I1, your theme looks great!
How did you make your icons look like plain images?

I tried to apply some styling on mine, replacing icon: with image: or entity_picture in customize.yaml, but it keeps on applying an awful border radius I can’t seem to remove.


Thanks @pedrovsky!

Hum… I used entity_picture as well. Maybe your icons are too big. Try shrinking them down or maybe use the icons on (the ones I used) :smiley:

@N-l1 this set up is amazing, and i’m sorry but I copied the whole thing and replaced my entire previous set up with yours :slight_smile:
I do wonder if you can help me with 1 thing:
I am trying to make the text “Lights” and the text below clickable, so that will navigate me to the lights page, and at the same time the icon itself would function as a switch to toggle all lights.

Now I have tried multiple settings, but I am unable to make it work.
The closest I came was by using a button card, however I seem to be unable to switch the text alignment to the left, as a button standard centers it.

Do you have any ideas on how to keep the same look and feel, but make the text part clickable/navigable while maintaining a different tap function for the icon.

Thanks @Heijt771!

I don’t think tap action is possible with the markdown card.

You could potentially replace the markdown card with a button card, but that would just be really hard to configure. I think the best idea is to use the tap action on the big icon button to toggle your lights and use the hold action to navigate to your lights page.

We also have a dedicated thread here :grinning:

hi @jimz011
Looking at this dogpage…
How did you do the bottom?
“Dierenarts” part?
it links to phone? and whats the website for?

How do you link phonenumber?

I am looking for this of sort integraton for a long time but to use as Medicine automations. Can you please share your code or which integration is that?

I need to have a button on hass, when you pressed it it should be register that and then show the information when it was. Just under that information i need a “enable switch” and also an another option set “after hours xxx reminder” (which you can give after how many time you will be reminded )

@Himdola It is a custom card named check-button-card

@skank the bottom card is a simple markdown card in which you can use urls. A phone has deeplink urls in which you can link directly to an app. I recently moved to Android and I do not know yet how to do it on an Android but on iOS it is pretty simple. Create an url like this and it will open the specific app.

nflx:// to open netflix
tel:// to open the phone app
tel://0612345678 to open the phone app and ask to dial

Not entirely sure if that still works and if they are still correct, but you can find deeplink names on google pretty easy.

I’m already using markdown card for it indeed, to make the url to the website.
I’m also using android, so, if u would find out how to do it , pls let me know :wink:

Can i ask how you did the laundry cards?

@jimz011 ?

Sorry, I didn’t see the edit (I must have read your post before the edit). Could you tell me which cards you mean? If I think you mean these then you can find the code here (you will have to remove my templates though as they are part of my full frontend project which can be found HERE.

You can find the code for the laundry cards here and the additional files that come with it here and here

If you need any more help (or faster answers) I’d suggest you join our discord server with over 600+ members for which you can simply click below:

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thx will look into it

can you share the style of round icons in the room?
Nevermind, i got it now.

I get a 404 error on the link you have posted.

Which link to be exactly? :laughing:

Do you know of a way to find out the url/prefix for specific iOS apps? (Amcrest View Pro, in particular is what I’m trying to get to open)

Unfortunately no I do not. I know of some, but most of them I have found by sheer luck and guessing. Some can be found be using google search. But it’s kinda hit or miss.

K thank you