Sharing my new theme setup

i’ve change my setup a lot and i’m sharing here the theme images and lovelace file enjoy and thank you.


lovelace.yaml (69.6 KB)
themes.yaml (5.7 KB)


Looks cool thanks for the work :grinning:

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This looks awesome, how do I even include this in my setup? I feel like I need someone to show me the ropes, cause I see a lot of cool stuff but my setup seems different than everybody elses. Like I dont have a lovelace.yaml I just edit it using the raw editor.

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It is all done using the editor, the use of custom cards is the secret check at my lovelace file you will probably get some tricks from it.

Please share your images :slight_smile:

What 3d software have you used? I cant get this quality colours and light in sweethome 3d?

sweethome 3d is what i use i have to say the lights are trivial in that software so i retouch most images in Photoshop.

i will later today

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I use the linux version and that does not help

Here is the images i use in my setup i made them rough and fast but they serve my purpose this way

bed door kitchen media sofa

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What is the size of /local/ffprofile.png image?
and please share /local/blank.png image :slight_smile:

Regarding your toilet … someone in your house needs to improve their aim.


The size is 1218 pixels by 1218 pixels and here is the blank file,


Do you want me to post a clean one? :wink:

No worries. I appreciate you posting the images … and I can always photoshop the stain away. :slight_smile:

Thank you for contributing your theme. :+1: I like its appearance and will probably borrow a few ideas for my own use.

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Great work! Any tips on how you got the lighting effects in photoshop?

Thanks for sharing.

Doing a cool update to my floorplan. They are dynamic Glances cards that show the temp all the time and the active devices in the room. All with a cool 3D look.

I will share soon the code.


thanks that would be complicated my technic involve a lot of hand airbrushing details

That looks awesome! How did you do that? Do you already have the background as part of the floorplan and placed the glances card on top of that with some CSS goodness to tilt it?

Exactly i use picture elements i’ve integrated glance cards in it and tilt them with css that look like that

transform: perspective(280px) rotateX(8deg) skewX(11deg)