Shell_command crashes interface on > 0.95

Since I’ve upgraded to 0.95 my shell command to turn of my computer is often failing and when called it crashes the HA interface.

This is the command: (hibernate_mr1)

When I ssh into the Raspberry Pi and execute this command it works instantly. When I call the service from the interface, HA crashes:

Does nothing and after a refresh HA looks like this:

Via SSH I can still access the pi, but the latest message in home-assistant-log is from several minutes before I called the service.
The strangest part is that this happens 99% of the times I execute this command, but sometimes it does actually work. But not having the log show anything makes it hard to find out what happens.

I am seeing the same behavior in 0.96.2. Did you find a solution yet?

I was using a shell command to run a python script and it began hanging/crashing HA in 95.0 and is still an issue.

No, this is still happening. I’m thinking about possibly switching it to a mqtt command, but I did not have time for that yet. The logs still show nothing when it happens, even after upgrading to 0.96.2.

I’m not sure what you are using the shell commands for, but for controlling my pc I’ve replaced the commands with IOT Link yesterday, which communicates using MQTT. So far everything looks like it is working great, and it doesn’t crash Home Assistant.

Are you running the stream component?

Might want to try turning it off and removing camera_view: live: