Shelly 1 With In-Wall Occupancy Sensor

I’ve got a problem with the Z-Wave sensors and the latency they have. Way Too Slow!

I have an entry light that Id like to trigger when from inside the house turns on a light (also inside) over the front door

I’m wondering if I could use a Shelly 1 with a $29.00 Home Depot in wall occupancy sensor.
Which are really fast… and very consistent
One of these…

I came across this thread… and was wondering if it would work with a 110V source…

I’d just like to not burn my house down or kill myself…
Home Assistant Thread

The thread above the OP is using 220v… I’m guessing hes in the EU someplace… and I’d like to avoid the necessity of a second piece of hardware… all of this is gotta fit inside the junction box at the front door…

Or if I had to could I use a Shelly 1 dual to replicate the second relay?

Why not fix your z-wave?

You will have to try. If the sensor has a potential free relay, it will work.

Using a shelly dual to prevent the second relay, I like your thinking. But it is not going to work.

Cuz… I dont think the Z-Wave is broken… its just slower than snot! LOL

What I want is that when I step up to the front door the interior light above the door come on… and they do… but it takes 2-3 seconds…
I’ve searched for answers in the forum… and most agree that the PIR’s are just sometimes slow to respond.
nickrout… yep I found that…

I have found this… but its 50 bucks… that said its possibly the direction to go

the shelly “dual” is essentially two shell’s in a single enclosure… LOL thanks for the vote of confidence! LOL

Warning about the GE. The motion does not report in Z-wave. It just truns on and off the light with various pre-set delays like a similar unit without z-wave. Z-wave on this only allows you to control and the see the states of the switch. Blows because I have one and intend to use it better.

So… “control and see the states”… like on and off?

Yes it is broken. Or your HA setup is incredibly slow.

Hmmm… Not the system because the other PIR’s seem to work pretty well…

How could I tell… decipher where the problem lies… Ive checked the logs…

I’ve got one of those “inconsistently slow” z wave motion detectors too. Sometimes it works as soon as I step thru the doorway to the room. Sometimes it doesn’t trigger until I’m half way thru the room (a couple of seconds delay). All of my other z wave stuff (switches & door sensors) are instantaneous. Maybe it’s just the nature of that type of sensor?

Yes, just like a normal z-wave dimmer. On - dim level- off you can see them. When it detects motion it turns on, so you see that it turns on but you don’t know if it turned on because someone turned it on physically or walked by it.
You can’t have the motion detector report to HA then HA decide what to do like turn on the light only if you are home and during a window of time.
I just wish they had taken the extra step to report motion via z-wave. It’s more functional in my eyes to have a z-wave switch and a seperate z-wave motion.

Oh… then it does exactly what I want it to do… I don’t care if the lights on already I just want it on…quickly… and if the GE switch turns itself off then Its just code I don’t have to write!


I sometimes wonder if its the position of the Z-Wave controller relative to the device that causes the lag mines lying down in the rack where I have all my switches etc… I’m going to move it so its more like an antenna and see if that helps

I am considering making similar smart motion sensors (like the outdoor one by Pete Stothers) for my new house because I cannot find suitable sensors without batteries. (I have tested it using a Shelly 1 as an MQTT binary sensor)
There are numerous 230V sensors available.

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Garage North"
    state_topic: "shellies/shelly1-59DD95/relay/0"
    payload_on: "on"
    payload_off: "off"
    qos: 0
    device_class: motion

Nice to see you here Rob.