Shelly 1PM Plus - integrate into HASSIO

Hello All

I have recently bought this new shelly 1pm plus and would like to integrate it into hassio.
However none of the official shelly integration (GitHub - StyraHem/ShellyForHASS: Shelly smart home platform for Home Assistant or Shelly - Home Assistant) does not discover the device. I guess it is only because its “brand new”. Well at least I hope its because of that and not because its not possible to integrate it to home assistant.

Was anybody able to integrate it into Hassio? If yes how?

Thanks for your support
PS: I have found this thread, but i think by situation is different as for me the device is not discovered even when i use discover_by_ip

What HA version are you running ?


Only one way how to integrate it is disabling Authentification from Shelly device.


Device authentication for generation 2 devices is not supported

understood. However i think is still not my case. I have authentication disabled and even using the latest FW version as described in the thread

FYI - i was able to make it work. I had to uninstall the “Shelly HACS” GitHub - StyraHem/ShellyForHASS: Shelly smart home platform for Home Assistant integration not only from HASSIO integrations, but also uninstall it completely from HACS. After that (and few HASSIO restarts) i was able to manually add the device as described here Shelly - Home Assistant
Anyway, thanks for help

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this is why I always suggest to use mqtt. Thanx to that HA doesn’t have to know anything about devices (incl access credentials)
Being dependent on blackboxed integration, almost always being late to device development is real disadvantage.
Wonder why people looking for the integration which is incomplete feature-wise, might break from version to version etc over mqtt which is most reliable solution, imediately providing as many features as manufacturer includes into a device

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well i think i might be answer that - is lack of technical skills to do so.

And thats the good thing about hassio → with its UI implementation of many, otherwise technically difficult (for somebody), devices it just “makes thing work” also for common folk :slight_smile: