Support for new Shelly Plus devices

I recently purchased several Shelly Plus 1PM devices and noticed that the Shelly integration does not support these yet. When trying to add the device I get a " The device is using an unsupported firmware version." message.

Would be great to see the new generation devices added to the integration.

shelly says the plus 1pm

Shelly Plus 1PM is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Home Assistant, Smart Things and other 3rd party home automation platforms

Whether that is via mqtt or what I don’t know.


Same issue with the new “Shelly Plus 1PM”, when I try to add my integration, I get “unsupported firmware version”.
Firmware is the latest stable version : 0.8.1

Have you contacted Shelly?

Yes, I have opened a ticket, I am waiting for their answer.

Response from Shelly Support :

Next Wednesday the integration will be ready.
You can use the integration only if you use BETA version.


Next Wednesday should be 2021.10 release day :slight_smile:


2021.10 - still not found PLUS devices. With 0.9.0 Beta1 that is available.

Hi, I’m using HA 2021.10.1 and Shelly 1pm Plus 0.9.0 Beta1 and is currently working without problem :slight_smile:

Shelly Plus/Pro devices are supported since Coe 2021.10, @Arturas if it does not work for you please open an issue and try to fill in all the information

For me my Shelly plus 1 is not being recoqnized by the Shelly integration (even not with the HACS integration). I reached out to the Shelly helpdesk and they told me that CoIoT is not working for the Plus devices.

Also looking at MQTT, what comes in is just one string, not organized properly.

Any ideas?

hi everyone, I have a Shelly 1 pm Plus connected via cloud and shelly app, unfortunately I don’t see it on Home Assistant vers. 2021.11.5. I also tried the shelly firmware 0.9.0 beta3 but it is not visible on Home assistant. is there any news?


Yet you don’t give an example?

My preference is getting the native integration or HACS integration working, not the MQTT. But here you go:

I thought you said it wasn’t organised?

Anyway, keep an eye on the source. core/homeassistant/components/shelly at dev · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Same here, I’ve also just added a 1PM Plus but can’t see it in the integration