SHelly plus + BLE no devices added in homeassistant

I don’t know if i put this in the right topic but ill ask here.

I have a couple of shelly’s one pm PLUS
It got detected in Home Assistant and i also enabled passive mode bluetooth
But here is the thing.

It doesn’t detect any bluetooth in homeassistant.
When i check the shelly console it detects all my bluetooth devices, but not visable in home assisstant.

How do i manage to do this ?

This is one of the log in shelly itself.


**shelly_notification:206 Event from script:1: {"component":"script:1", "id":1, "event":"ble.scan_result", "data":[1,"43:e9:0f:47:fc:7b",-58,"AgEaAgoMCv9MABAFGxz0UUE=",""], "ts":1672250176.75}**

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Nobody can tell me why it doesn’t detect BLE devices in home assistant?

I did buy a lot of these, and like i did read and see the live stream i was understanding that in passive mode all detectable BLE devices will be added into home assistant it looks like it doesn’t even work like i thought and i did throw away money lol.

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This is brief explanation how to configure bluetooth in home assistant.
Do you have bluetooth adapter and is it working in your home assistant?
To integrate bluetooth devices they have to be supported in home assistant. I don’t know what bluetooth devices you have. You can check this hacs integration.


This shelly PM PLUS comes with bluetooth integrated.
I enabled passive in the configuration, but does not import the found bluetooth devices…
I don’t need a BLE stick for that.

I also have an other active system with a stick in it and also running this shelly PM PLUS with ble on passive scanning, also nothing.
Wile the log in shelly itself shows that it found 5 BLE devices.

Yes this hacs integration is only for a BLE stick.

The thing what i understanded is that with this new Shelly PLUS BLE integration i can just add all unsolicited BLE Devices, so i can scan for my phone and create a room presence detection by detecting my phone.



I have the same issue.
My shelly plus is running FW12, bluetooth is enabled both in shelly web UI and in shelly integration configuration, however I cannot install HA bluetooth integration as it tells me there are “not unconfigured adapters”.


Exactly the same issue here.

I do see the BLE Devices show up in the known_devices.yaml with their MAC Addresses.
But HA still seems blissfully ignorant about their existance.

I do see device Trackers for these MAC Addresses, but no integration seems to be able to connect to them.

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Yes same here, but the thing is when i look in shelly itself i do see a lot more discovered devices that are not imported into HomeAssistant.

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I think I am one tiny step further…

if I call bluetoothctl from terminal and I try to list the controllers, there are none.
I think this is the reason, why you cannot install the bluetooth integration nor anything that depends on it.
However if the Shelly SHOULD show up as controller I cannot say.

maybe @thecode can provide some insights or let us know where our line of thought left the correct track.

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Shelly will not show up as a Bluetooth controller, I know it is a little bit confusing. It will also not allow controlling devices that needs active connection as currently Shelly devices doesn’t support connecting to devices. Shelly devices are used as Bluetooth proxies to get data from devices which sends data using advertisements (notifications that does not need an active connection), this is mostly usable for extending coverage for Bluetooth sensors.


Thanks alot!

That would indicate to me: If you are using HA running in a VM on a Hyper-V you are pretty lost unless you have some Windows SKU that actually has a BT Stack enabled (so not a 2012R2 i.e.) AND are willing to spend some hard Dollares to somehow convert USB Devicses to IP Devices.

In that light the Victron Smart Battery Sense will be send back and instead I will go for a Shelly UNI to measure my batteries (I didnt realize Shelly has something there…)

@thecode Thanks for the quick response and the helping with the decission making!

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The shelly device itself only detects BLE devices nearby.

I’ve managed to push them through MQTT instead of the HA-Integration.

Please see this topic for reference.

This will give you RSSI data as well.

This will create a sensor for every new device discovered. And update them when known.


Is this still correct?

I´m trying to control a fan (Fjäråskupan) from a Shelly device (1 PM plus) with BT-gateway.

Yes, Shelly devices can only be used to listen (scan) for BT advertisements you can’t control other BT devices using them.

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Thank you Shay, you saved me many hours of troubleshooting.

Well this is a old topic, but it got solved by itself, as updates coming out… till today 0 issue, as long if u update to the recommended FW version.

Can you elaborate please? I’m seeing no difference here.

In case you asking me, i replied to my old message from 2022, because someone did send me a dm…

So you are saying we can control bluetooth devices through shelly now?

I’m very interessted in the answer as well.
I have a Gardena watering valve that need to receive commands, And I was planning to use a Shelly plus PM nearby to make the connection to HA
but it’s not working.

see my dedicated post here

So I have the answer

The shelly BLE proxy can’t work in this situation, as they don’t proxy actual Bluetooth connections, they only support advertisements.

see Gardena Bluetooth Irrigation Bluetooth connection is unreliable · Issue #103117 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I used an Atom Lite M5 to act as proxy