Shelly wall display integration

I’ve just installed the new Shelly Wall Display and I am very curious if there are any fine folks working on an integration to control Home-Assistant by touching the virtual buttons on the display.

Right now Home-Assistant only sees the relay and I can turn it on and off but I can not control the other way round.


I found a german unboxing video
It looks ok and the sensors seems to work with HA, but the configuration seems to be strictly via the device or via the app.
The interface looks good but it should be possible to control other than shelly devices otherwise it is of little value.
It seems to be a work in progress - the thermostat control is “coming soon”. I guess that’s why they haven’t seeded to the english speaking youtubers.

I’m also courious about it. It would be great to be able to add virtual buttons directly available in Home Assistant. So far the only way to do it is to place dummy Shelly switches in your installation and associate on/off of actions of the relays with home assistant automations. Unfortunately that requires buying dummy shelly relays…there should be an easier way.

Hi. I’m interested too in this function.
Can I ask you if the relay that HA see is the integrated switch of Shelly Wall Panel? I’m interested on this device for acting as thermostat. If answer is yes, meanwhile it can replace the analog thermostats of my rooms, and in the future make something more with the integration with HA.