Shelly with ESPHome: OTA Rollback to Shelly?

I have a couple of Shelly 1’s with ESPhome that I’d like to flash back to stock Shelly firmware.

I know I can flash over a serial connection, but that would mean a trip to the roof and a sad face.
Is there a way I can flash back to Shelly OTA similar to the way you can flash from Tasmota to ESPHome ?

My instance of ESPHome is running as an add-on to HAOS on a HA Blue. Also running portainer so have access to the docker container.

If you enable the web interface in esphome you should be able to upload the Shelly bin there

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If you have access to the firmware. Do Shelly make these available?

They do !

You’ll need to log in

Can you tell me where ? I’ve not seen anything related to firmware upload on the devices webpage

Well, I had a look with my STRONG eye and blow me down if there wasn’t some buttons to upload and flash some firmware !

Thanks for the heads up @LangeJan :+1::+1:

So, just some feedback in case someone else is wanting to roll back…

It looks like I have to climb into the roof.
Trying an OTA update with original firmware fails with

Update Failed: ERROR[4]: Not Enough Space

Updating OTA requires a large chunk of free memory to store basically BOTH firmwares during the update process.

That’ll learn me to stuff with things that 'aint broke ! :crying_cat_face:

What I don’t understand is why the ESPhome binaries are ~300k and the shelly binaries are 2MB :thinking:

ESPhome only supports the HA api, the Shelly firmware supports the shelly cloud, mqtt and coap. It is normal it is bigger :slight_smile:

OTOH Shelly can upgrade its own firmware OTA.

Are you sure you have the right flash size set in esphome?

I have

board: esp01_1m

Doesn’t help that I can only do this through the webserver which uses lots or ram

And how much flash does the device have? esptool will tell you.

Interesing !
The link below suggests 2MB !!

Might it be as simple as changing the board type to _2m ?

Choose one with 2Mb from the list pointed to in the docs.

Thanks for the tips.
I’ll post back with what I find :+1:

Could you flash an absolutely minimal sketch with only ota and wifi enabled? Would that give you headroom to load the shelly binary?

I tried that last night with no luck.
Still need webserver: to be able to select a bin file.

I think @nickrout might be on to something.
I’ll know more in a few hours :crossed_fingers:

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Is there a reason you can’t use the header on the Shelly1 to flash via serial ??



Laziness :rofl:

Seriously though, that will be my last resort.
If I don’t have to retrieve it from the roof cavity, I won’t.

Sooo close !

After changing

board: esp01_1m


board: esp_wroom_02 ( ESP8266 with 2MB flash )

still fails with not enough space but uploading gets to 76% where previously it was failing at 25%

Interestingly, I’ve connected a spare Shelly 1 to esptool which reports

Auto-detected Flash size: 16m

From what I’ve read, this mismatch cannot be corrected OTA.

Potentially, had I started using ESPhome with the correct board type selected ( d1_mini_pro ? ) I wouldn’t be asking all these silly questions.

I think I’ve just killed a Shelly 1 :grimacing:

As a test I tried uploading a ESPhome image over serial with board: d1_mini_pro selected
After the upload I couldnt get a response from the Shelly.
I uploaded a Shelly restore image over serial and its still dead.

Vale Shelly 1